Ayurveda Treatments

Asha Beach offers comprehensive Ayurveda treatment programs. For optimum results certain treatment programs require a minimum number of days stay. Eg – Full Pancha Karma Program.

Therefore we request you to send us your intended number of days of stay at Asha Beach. Based on your stay , the doctor will create for you a personalized treatment plan and forward same to you. Following your confirmation, your treatment plan will be further improved on during your initial consultation with the doctor upon arrival at Asha Beach taking into consideration any pre- existing conditions.

You will be offered daily on going consultations with the doctor during your stay for best results.

Also you will have the luxury to request certain treatments from the list below which will be added to your program by the Doctor accordingly.

Head Massage (Sheersha Sambahanaya)

A head massage with application of medicated oil. Shiro Abhyanga improves the eye sight, color, texture and volume of hair, strengthens the musculature of head, neck and shoulders, removes headache, brings good sleep, relaxing and helps delaying decline of sense organs and aging. It is useful in Vaata Vyadhi (neurological conditions), Ardita (facial Paralysis), Pakshaghata (Hemiplagia) and ShiroRoga (different types of headaches).

Face Massage (Vakthra Sambahanaya)

This massage sequence draws on the ancient wisdom of the ayurvedic systems and works locally and reflexively: locally, to improve the skin and uplift the face and reflexively to relax and deeply nourish the whole body.

Foot Massage (Pada Sambahanaya)

During this massage, special attention is focused on the "tender spots" of the feet. A reflect effect on the internal organs is created as well as a combined soothing and invigorating effect.

Neck & Shoulder Massage (Uro Sambahanaya)

Special herbal oil is applied to the neck and the shoulder to release muscular spasms, rheumatic pain and stress-related conditions as the neck and the shoulder area is so often stiff and tense.

Abyanga (Shareera)

Shareera/Sarvanga Abhyanga (Ayurvedic Body massage) Abhyanga is indicated daily for a healthy individual, especially in neuro-muscular diseases (Vaata Vyadhi); it is done with herbal oils as mentioned in Ayurveda. Abhyanga strengthens and tones up muscles, removes fatigue, improves blood circulation, improves sleep, revitalizes the body and delays geriatric changes. The selection of the type of oil depends on the condition of the body, diagnosis of the physician. The duration of the treatment is usually 30-40 minutes.

Steam Bath Vashpa Swedana (full body fomentation)

Herbal roots, leaves and other raw materials are boiled in water. The whole body is exposed to the medicated steam for a prescribed period of time. It is highly beneficial for neurological and degenerative conditions (Vata Vyadhi), muscular pains and overweight conditions.

Head Oil Bath -Shirodhara (methodical flow of medicated liquids on head)

Shirodhara is a procedure consisting of continuous pouring of medicated oil onto the forehead of the patient for subsequently increasing duration of time. The medicated oil or the medicated liquid is chosen as per the disease and body type of person. Shirodhara is an excellent Ayurveda therapy for stress management, relaxation and for the treatment of diseases connected with head, neck, eyes, ears, nose, throat as well as neurological conditions like paralysis, migraine, insomnia, Parkinsonism, Cerebral atrophy, tinnitus etc (Vata Vyadhi).

Herbal Bath ( Parisheka) Herbal Snana (Bath)

Cleansing the surface of our body is considered to be a sacred ritual in many parts of Asia. The body is prepared for bathing with an oil massage. Ayurvedic baths help to eliminate toxins from the body, promote resilience, reduce stiffness, soften the skin and are effective for certain skin conditions too.

Back Massage (Kati Sambahanaya)

Highly effective medicated oil massage of the back. Heals and relieves acute and chronic back pain and stiffness.

Pada Abhyanga (Leg massage)

A stimulating massage of the legs, feet and ankles. It improves blood circulation, prevents dryness and numbness, and relieves fatigue and muscle cramps.

Hand Massage ( Hastha Sambahanaya /poorva gathra sambahanaya)

A form of reflexology in which the hands are oiled and rubbed with fingers with the intent of stimulating nerve endings of various organs which are present in the hands.

Abdominal Massage ( Udara Sambahanaya)

Abdominal massage strengthens the abdominal muscles and helps in relieving back pain. Abdominal massage works on toning the abdominal muscles and also helps in eliminating toxins from the body. Therefore these massages are very beneficial to people suffering from constipation.

Herbal Powder Application (Udwarthanam)

Udwartanam or Powder massage is a special therapeutic massage in which herbal powders are used to massage the body against the direction of the hair follicles with more pressure. This procedure helps to cleanse and burn out excess adipose or fat tissue and thus very useful in reducing body weight and toning up the muscles.

Body Fermentation ( Pinda Swedana) Shashtika Patra Pinda Swedana- (Poultice fomentation)

This oil massage along with fomentation is done by application of poultice (prepared of herbal leaves) on the body. It is indicated for degenerative joint disorders like spondylosis, arthritis, ankylosis (Vata Vyadhi), paralytic conditions (Pakshaghata), muscular pain and acute pain conditions.

Oil bath (Sarvangadara) or Pisi chil term used kerala Sarvaanga Dhara – Pizhichil (whole body oil fomentation)

Pouring of lukewarm medicated oil on the whole body with synchronized massage for a specific time period is known as Sarvaanga Dhara. It is useful for Hemiplegia, Hemiparesis, degenerative joint disorders like spondylosis, arthritis and acute pain related conditions like tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, sprains (all these come under Vata Vyadhi in Ayurveda).

Head pack treatment (Shirolepa)

Effective in healing problems related to the head and neck regions like sleeplessnes, Alzheimer's disease, migraine, certain psychosomatic diseases, headache, mental illness, hypertension, sinusitis etc.

Herbal Facial (Vakthra Prasadana)

This special treatment for the face helps remove pimples and give a smooth complexion. For every dry skin and very oily skin it helps to balance and makes the complexion clear. It is good for facial nerves and keeps you looking young.

Eye Treatment (Akshi Parisheka)

This process improves sight, gives strength to the orbicularis muscles and optic nerve and removes pain and roughness around the eyes.